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London, St.Thomas & Woodstock Distress, Bank & Estate Sales

Buying real estate is always a good investment, but in today's market prices make it difficult to get the property you want for the price you want it.  To buy real estate and benefit from "below market value" prices is to find distress sale properties like estate sales and foreclosures. is your source for locating these properties.  Simply signup for your FREE report to get information on the properties available at bargain pricing.

What are distress sales?

Distress sales are the sale of real property under circumstances creating great urgency on the part of the seller, such a impending foreclosure, divorce, relocation to another city, or any such pressure.

Reasons for distress sale actions

Most of the reasons are common day situations that occur in our lives.  The most important reasons for distress sale actions are:

  • Economy/Interest Rates
  • Divorce
  • Health
  • Death
  • Financial Mismanagement
  • Job/Business loss

Some of the opportunities in distress sales include:

  • Lower purchase price
  • Cost savings and overall price reductions
  • Lower down payments
  • Get more property for less
  • Motivated sellers and lenders - they do not want to keep property too long
  • Less competition
  • Many buyers are not aware of distress sale opportunities
  • Better terms
  • The buyer could receive better structured mortgages from lenders
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